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The Pro-Set is an all-inclusive package for the demanding user who expects and appreciates high quality and control over the many device features.
This set includes four applicators, a signal tester and seven accessories, apart from the B.BOX Professional itself.

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The Classic-Set consists of the control unit B.BOX Classic and is equipped with a basic range of two applicators and a signal tester. It also includes three accessories that will simplify everyday use.

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Control Units

The BEMER-Signal is configured by the stunningly designed control units before it is sent out through the highly effective, ergonomic application modules. Each of these units is the result of over 15 years of groundbreaking research and development and defines the cutting edge of what is possible today.

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Controlled by the B.BOX units, the application modules come in various shapes and sizes to fit any situation.
The six applicators available in the U.S. accomodate a vast range of use cases through size, form and function to satisfy the requirements of everyday individual and professional use.

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Human and horse a unique connection

Your horse will make you happy and inspire you. No wonder, then, that you do everything you can to make sure that you are doing well - because then you are all right. The BEMER's new Veterinary Line supports you every day: with devices which have been precisely adapted to the needs of the sport.

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